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“Chuck E. Cheese’s has been a great addition to our portfolio and we have been very profitable with the brand. The corporate international franchise team is engaged and willing to adapt the brand to local market needs, which creates a truly profitable model. We are in the process of acquiring more territory for future development in other countries.”

-Talal Azhari, Board Advisor on Strategy & Business Development Hospitality
Saudi Arabia

Unique Hospitality has been a Chuck E. Cheese’s franchise partner since 2012 and is developing in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

“We are pleased with how the brand is continuously innovating and evolving to meet the needs of families worldwide including a great remodeled store design that we are implementing into our stores and the introduction of All You Can Play games, which has a been a game changer in the entertainment industry. The brand has also allowed us to implement tropicalized innovations that resonate within the local market. Also, the brand provides a clear design guideline and a defined process for us getting local vendors approved, which lowers our new store CAPEX and improves our ROI. We are happy with the level of support we receive from the Chuck E. Cheese team and are excited to be growing with the brand internationally. Through Chuck E. Cheese we have also been able to create long lasting memories and smiles for the millions of children and families that have visited us since we began this wonderful journey.”

-Carlos Gil – Managing Director ITICEC
ITICEC has been one of Chuck E. Cheese’s franchise partners in Mexico since 2012

“In addition, the brand being a great investment and way to diversify our business holdings, it really gives an opportunity to connect with the communities and guests where we have stores. We have implemented ongoing and evolving operational initiatives like creating unique Magic Moments for our guests to connect emotionally with the brand and drive loyalty and repeat business. Chuck E. Cheese is really a brand that you can feel good about as an owner as we are providing lifelong memories to the families of Mexico.”

-Miguel Brunell- Director Strategic Planning CEC Franquicias
CEC Franquicias has been one of Chuck E. Cheese’s franchise partner in Mexico since 2011