The World's #1
Family Entertainment Restaurant Brand

99% Brand


in North America & growing across the globe every year

70+ Million


welcomed each year across the globe and over 500,000 birthday parties annually



world-wide including nearly 100 international locations in 15 countries.

2+ Billion

Game Plays

making Chuck E. Cheese the world’s largest arcade and leader in game knowledge

franchise partnerships

The world’s #1 family entertainment restaurant brand, Chuck E. Cheese, offers international franchising opportunities world-wide.

Bringing families together in a safe, clean and wholesome environment for over 40 years in 17+ countries outside of the U.S.. Chuck E. Cheese is the recognized leader of family entertainment restaurants, creating lifelong memories for kids and families through international franchising partnerships across the globe.

What makes us stand out from the rest?

Turnkey Franchise Execution

Highly Attractive ROI

 World-Class Franchise Support

 Flexibility in Local Sourcing

 Adaptive Concepts for Each Local Market

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