We are the World’s Largest Family Entertainment Chain


Did you know Chuck E. Cheese’s was actually founded during the rise of video games? After co-founding the revolutionary video game company, Atari, Nolan Bushnell partnered with Gene Landum to found Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Their mission was simple, and perhaps best put by Bushnell himself: “There’s a vanishingly small number of places where parents and children can have a fun night.” Combining pizza that could be made in just 20 minutes with a room full of family-friendly games, Chuck E. Cheese’s was born. In 1977, during their first year in business, the franchise opened 50 stores across the US. And the rest is history.

About The Brand: Special Formula for Fun & Success

For over 40 years, Chuck E. Cheese’s has grown into the world’s recognized leader of family entertainment restaurants for millions of families and the place “Where A Kid Can Be A Kid.” With over 615 worldwide locations, Chuck E. Cheese’s brings kids and adults together in a safe, clean and wholesome environment to create lifelong memories of fun for everyday occasions, birthday parties, school field trips and play groups. Chuck E. Cheese’s is looking to expand globally and bring this unique and profitable concept to families around the world.

Our business model has been carefully created to offer lasting bonding experiences. It’s a formula that works to spread joy while bringing in profits. We’re the largest kid-friendly entertainment chain with minimal global competition.

Over 40 Years of Proven Operating Success & Over 600 Locations

Chuck E. Cheese’s was founded in 1977 and has quickly risen to the top in family dining and entertainment. With over 600 locations around the world, there isn’t a better family fun center franchise around.

This is an industry that has undergone a rapid evolution, and Chuck E. Cheese’s is leading the way to serve new generations. We’re not just an arcade franchise – we’re a forward-thinking franchise of family fun centers that’s consistently raising the bar for new generations. Higher quality food for more health-conscious parents. New games that help foster important developmental skills. And seamless online experiences that makes event planning easier than ever for parents and school faculty.

All this adds up to an amazing restaurant franchise opportunity!

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